Volunteer Work


M9Media Inc. regularly needs volunteers of all ages, immigrants and Canadians, for its activities and programs.

How do I become a volunteer?

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer at M9Media Inc., simply fill out the online volunteer form. Visit the M9Medias Inc. website to register. You can also drop by our offices directly to complete the volunteer form. A staff member will be pleased to meet with you and explain the different fields of volunteering you are looking for. Afterwards, we will contact you according to your immediate needs, which vary greatly from one season to the next.

Why become a volunteer?

In the spirit of M9Medias Inc., it is important to allow immigrants to get involved in their community by volunteering. Giving their time is an important Canadian value. People do it voluntarily, without expecting monetary compensation in return.

M9Media Inc. also places a high value on the volunteer involvement of members of the host community, media and communications professionals.

Many of M9Media Inc.’s activities and programs could not take place without the commitment of the volunteers who work alongside them. The tasks are very varied and there is something for everyone.

Every year, M9Media Inc. holds a special volunteer recognition evening to thank its volunteers for the time and effort they give to M9Media Inc.